As part of the City’s COVID response, San Francisco is currently housing approximately 2,300 guests in temporary Shelter in Place (SIP) hotels. As an early public health disaster measure, the most COVID vulnerable people experiencing homelessness were offered a safe space to shelter in place in what grew to be 25 SIP hotels. As we move from response to recovery, I have been both inspired and humbled by the deeply passionate responses from our nonprofit Provider Partners, community members, SIP guests and the Board of Supervisors regarding the question, “what comes next?” HSH response timeline

I want to acknowledge that San Francisco has shown the nation what a compassionate data driven approach can be for people experiencing homelessness and as a result lives have been saved. COVID rates for people experiencing homelessness are the same as the general population. Which cannot be said for other communities. …

Let’s be honest, this is a tough year to write about gratitude.

San Franciscans, most especially those experiencing homelessness, have suffered more deeply this year with increased fear and risk of grave illness. As the pandemic dampens holiday season spirits for all, it becomes easier to count losses rather than blessings. That is until I “think HSH” and plug myself into the inspiring HSH workforce each morning to partner with some of the most dedicated, creative, driven and generous colleagues and nonprofit partners I have ever had the honor of working with. And so even, or especially, amidst the unprecedented uncertainty, I find myself tapping into the gratitude at the heart of this season of giving. …

Dedria Black, Deputy Director for Programs

Today is the annual day we Americans set aside to honor our Veterans. As a Veteran myself, I truly appreciate the national and local recognition of the sacrifices that Veterans have made for all of us throughout this country’s history. In my own life, in addition to reflecting on my years of service, I find myself actively renewing both my personal and professional commitment to our local Veterans experiencing homelessness. …


The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing strives to make homelessness in San Francisco rare, brief, and one time.

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